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Corporate Culture

Since the establishment of Chenfa Electric in 2008, our R&D team has grown from a small group to 200+ people. The area of the workshop and warehouse has been expanded to 3000.00 square meters, and the turnover in 2021 has reached 1.600.000 in one fell swoop. Dollars, today we are a business of a certain size, which is closely related to the corporate culture of our company:

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Ideological System

Quality For Survival

Innovation For Development

Main Features

The Concept Of Employment

Respect for employees, the only way is to use.

Team Concept

A single tree does not make a forest.

Management Philosophy

Steel-like discipline, mother-like care.

Work Philosophy

Work is to create, work is to be happy.

Development Concept

Only by becoming stronger, can we become bigger and become an evergreen tree for half a year.

The Concept Of Dealing With People

Honesty, fairness, doing things first, paying first and then repaying.

Core Values Of Employees

Integrity, responsibility, execution, learning, excellence.