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Single Pole Connectors Housing Pin for Solar Battery

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This genderless connection system provides a simple, low-cost solution for power interconnection which has become an industry standard for items such as forklift batteries, backup power and telecommunications.

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  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
  • Brand Name: CHENF
  • Model Number: 15A 30A 75A 120A
  • Type: ADAPTER
  • Application: Power
  • Gender: Female
  • Product name: Electrical Connector
  • Material: PA66
  • Contact material: Copper Tin Plated
  • Color: Red Green Black Yellow Blue
  • Connector type: Female Terminals
  • Rated Current: 15A 30A 75A 120A
  • MOQ: 100Pcs
  • Certificate: CE ROHS
  • Function: Connected
  • Shipping by: DHL \ UPS \ Fedex \ EMS \ HK Post


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Easy-to-use Anderson monopole connectors.

The main reason why Anderson single-pole connectors are such a popular choice for power interconnects is their simplicity. The gender-neutral design provides quick and easy assembly. You can reduce inventory regardless of factors such as unit color, orientation or version, as all single-pole connectors are easily compatible with each other.

Anderson power pole plugs are often used when the two cores of a cable need to be placed in different housings that are keyed differently, or when the wire has more than two cores. Anderson monopole connector housings are dovetailed so they can be stacked together to create custom block connectors. They simply and quickly slide into place to create as many connections as needed. Shells of different colors are also available.

Anderson PowerPole connectors use proven flat wipe technology to stay securely mated without the need for a latch. These connectors feature a detent or bump on the contact surface and a strong stainless steel spring that holds them in the mated position. It allows minimal contact resistance at high currents, while the wiping action cleans the contact surfaces during connection/disconnection. The robustness and durability of Anderson's single-pole connectors allow for 10,000 mating cycles throughout their lifetime.

The ANDERSON POWERPOLE range of single pole connectors are suitable for currents of between 30 Amps - 180Amp. Fully modular, interlocking, a variety of shapes can be made by utilising the four sided interlocking design of the housing.

Recommended for use with 16-20 gauge wire. Unassembled sets can be assembled in any configuration. An included slotted roll pin prevents the housings from sliding apart.

There are four basic housing sizes in the Powerpole product family that allow specific amperage or wire size requirements to be filled in the most compact footprint. Powerpole can handle up to 350A per pole and accommodate wire ranges of 20AWG to 3/0AWG (0.75mm2 to 70mm2). A wide range of colored housing options can be stacked together to create a proven reliable custom connector. These housings can be used with different contacts to create wire-to-wire, wire-to-board, or wire-to-busbar connections. The versatile Powerpole® connector series combines high-quality materials and a cost-effective innovative design to allow powerful versatility.










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