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Anderson High Current Connector Controller Plug

Short Description:

Anderson connectors, also known as connectors and connectors, generally refer to electrical connectors, that is, devices that connect two active devices to transmit current or signals.

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  • Item: Anderson Connector
  • Color: Gray Black Blue Red
  • Function: Rotate One Connector 180 Degrees to Connect to the Other
  • Features: 600V Continuous AC or DC Operation
  • Contacts: Silver-plated Electrolytic Copper
  • Material of Construction: Polycarbonate
  • Type: Two Pole Amps: 50 A
  • Cable Well Depth (In.): 0.44 in
  • Standards: UL
  • Minimum Operating Temperature: -4 Degrees F
  • Maximum Wire Diameter: 0.221 in
  • Plating: Silver Plated
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 221 Degrees F
  • Contact Material: Silver Plated Electrolytic Copper
  • Mounting Style: Inline
  • Connector Type: Two Pole


Power Connector, Connector Type Two Pole, Maximum Current 50 A, Minimum Current 50 A, Color Gray, Guage 6 ga, Maximum Operating Temperature 221 Degrees F, Minimum Operating Temperature -4 Degrees F, Mating Cycles 10,000, Maximum Wire Diameter 0.221 in, Cable Well Depth 0.44 in, Cross-Reference to Brad Harrison 49010, Cross-Reference to SMH SY6319, Mounting Style Inline, Plating Silver Plated, Material Polycarbonate, Features Continuous 600V AC/DC Operation.

This battery connector plug makes it quick and easy to connect and disconnect power to electrical equipment such as remote battery chargers, trailers or other applications. It is made of durable polycarbonate and allows over 10,000 connect and disconnect operations.

Both ends of the connector are suitable for connection to the power or load side because the connectors are identical. Terminal pins accept wires 6AWG, 8AWG and 10-12AWG.

This battery connector is suitable for DC low voltage and DC high current applications from 1-36 volts. Heavy duty components are ideal for low to medium current applications.

Package Contents: (1) Battery Connector and (2) Silver Plated Copper Terminal Pins. Subject to order specifications.

Anderson 350 Amp (Heavy Duty) Power Connector: Power connector making maintenance disconnection from batteries to AC Charger, DC/DC Converter, or Motor Controller easy and safe. Each connector allows for high voltage at 350 Amps allowing Chargers and DC/DC connectors to run in Drivelines unimpeded.

These genuine Anderson pins & plugs are extremely heavy duty, designed to handle the high current loads of electric vehicles. (These are not the cheap knock off versions that can be found elsewhere for less money).

Powerpole connectors are physically and electrically hermaphroditic, thus avoiding the need to worry about which end is the plug and which the socket, or which end has the correct polarity. This is in contrast to the physically—but not electrically—hermaphroditic two-wire trailer plug.

Powerpole connectors are available with current ratings up to 180 amperes. The 15/30/45 ampere-rated connectors are the most common, using the same plastic housing and differing only in the metal contact inserted into the housing. The contact is selected based on the ampacity and wire gauge. The colors can be used to signify signal types or differing voltages. Powerpole connectors can be attached side to side and also stacked on top of each other to make, for example, four connections with one plug insertion. The contacts are rated for 100,000 no-load insertions and 250 hot-plugs at full load.

Larger Powerpole connectors (the SB/Multipole series) with two or three contacts in one molded housing are commonly used in various industrial settings, including as a battery connection for some uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), removable vehicle winches, many electric forklifts, and other electric vehicles.

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